Annual Conference of the International Bar Association

October 10, 2013
Boston, MA

Resolving International Business Disputes - Using the World Trade Organization, Bilateral Investment Treaties, International Commercial Arbitration and European Union Courts

A comparative analysis of the efficacy of using these three different tools available to international traders and investors to resolve disputes will be undertaken in this session. It will focus on jurisdiction, remedies, evidence, costs, time, enforcement and other relevant issues that would suggest using one or more of these remedies.

Resolving Disputes in the Natural Resources Industry: Expert Arbitration Needed!

Most natural resources transactions are extremely complex as they often involve several cross-border issues such as ownership of the natural resources, foreign investment, government involvement, language barriers, cultural views and of course different legal systems that may apply to the same matter. Choosing the governing law and the place and language of arbitration, the arbitrator or arbitration institutions may become an unbearable burden when it comes to stopping failed negotiations and requesting the resolution of the dispute from a third party.


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