Mass Tort Litigation: Legal, Practical, and Ethical Considerations In Selecting A Jury In Products Liability Actions

December 5, 2013
via Webinar

Eliminating the risks and costs of a trial in a products liability case, whether by motion to dismiss, summary judgment, or a favorable settlement, is the goal. However, sometimes fighting it out at trial is the only recourse. Most trial lawyers agree that trials are usually won or lost at jury selection. While the jury selection process can vary widely from state to state, and between the federal and state court system, there are some strategies that products liability defendants can employ universally to select the most appropriate jury possible.

Please join us for a webinar led by in-house counsel overseeing trials, trial lawyers, and a jury consultant, to discuss the key legal, practical, and ethical considerations in jury selection:
• How to develop and win cause challenges
• How to obtain information for exercising peremptory and cause challenges: Legal and practical considerations for the use of questionnaires, oral voir dire, and external research
• The use of social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more: Legal and ethical considerations in researching jurors in the digital era
• How to communicate your case themes through voir dire
• How to use information gathered in jury selection to help guide your case during trial

CLE Credit is pending.

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