The New European Procurement Directives: A Transatlantic Dialogue

December 9, 2013
via Webinar

Please join us for a webinar on Monday, 9 December 2013, to discuss the new European procurement directives.

The European Union is undertaking massive reforms to its procurement rules, reforms that will reshape the European public procurement markets - at precisely the time that foreign interest in those markets is growing so rapidly. Our panel of experts, from both sides of the Atlantic, will explore what the new directives mean for public procurement in Europe, and whether the directives will raise new obstacles to foreign vendors. The panel will explore possible strategies for those entering these markets, and will discuss whether (and how) firms can challenge barriers to trade. The European Union and the United States are also moving towards a sweeping free trade agreement (the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership, or "TTIP"), and our panel will discuss what impact the TTIP agreement may have on procurement.

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