Henry Morriello, Michael Mulitz, Daniel Hartnett and Willys Schneider to Speak at Airline Economics Growth Frontiers Dublin 2014

January 19 – 21, 2014

Henry Morriello, Chair of Kaye Scholer’s Finance Department, will speak on the lessor financing panel on January 20, in which he will discuss operating leases as a source of capital and the trends in lessor financing. Specifically, the panel will focus on the impact of increases in new single aisle deliveries, the rate increases that lessors will need for the Max and Neo to keep margins intact, and how lessors can further help airlines as the delivery cycle accelerates.

Partners Michael Mulitz, Daniel Hartnett and Willys Schneider, will present a panel on private equity investment in aircraft and engines on January 21, in which they will examine issuer and investor expectations and structures for 2014.

This three-day conference in Dublin features key executives from international banks, financial institutions, airlines and leasing companies speaking on the current state of the aviation industry and prospects and trends for 2014.

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