Digital Divide? The Cyber-Security Challenge and Asia

March 19, 2014

Asia stands in the spotlight on one of single biggest challenges in the digital age: securing personal, corporate and government data. More than two-thirds of the world’s cyber-attacks originate from just two Asian countries – Indonesia (38%) and China (33%) – according to Akamai, a global provider of cloud-computing services. Mike McConnell, former director of National Intelligence and the National Security Agency, cited the threat to businesses, telling The Wall Street Journal in a recent interview:

“The Chinese are breaking into every corporation in America…Their intent is to capture source code, research and development, intellectual property, business plans, innovation ideas, anything of that sort.”

Cyber-attacks aren’t only difficult to prevent, they proving ever harder to contain. These burgeoning intrusions have raised the stakes for companies in the U.S. and Asia. They are impacting relations between the U.S. and Asia and even relations among Asian nations themselves.

Please join us for an afternoon program that will examine dimensions of cyber-security, the scope of the challenge, implications for businesses operating in the U.S. and Asia and what a cyber-war might look like.

Meet the Speakers

Charles A. Blanchard
Arnold & Porter
Ronald D. Lee
Arnold & Porter
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