Structured Finance & Derivatives Seminar: The Evolving Landscape for Short- and Medium-Term Funding for Residential and Commercial Mortgages

June 17, 2014

Developments in the regulatory and accounting landscape continue to impact mortgage financing. Since the beginning of the financial crisis, numerous commentators and market participants have speculated on how these changes and the uncertain future of the GSEs will impact mortgage financing. While uncertainty remains, we will discuss the state of the market and how current structures deal with this evolving landscape. Topics will include:

  • Effect of regulatory and accounting changes on banks and shadow banks, and the impact on traditional mortgage financing (Overview)
  • The shadow banking system and the emerging mortgage financing structures
    −      Mortgage REITs: Current financing options
    −      Securitization: Examining current issues through the prism of a new asset class: REO-to-rental
    −      New market participants: Hedge funds and others
  • Financing options—the repo market
    −      Repo financing with parent guarantees
    −      Repo financing with SPVs
    −      Repo financing with trusts
  • FHLB financing
    −      Advance products: Who is eligible? How are non-traditional participants gaining access?
    −      Repo transactions with the FHLB
    −      Posting collateral (Overview) 
  • Potential state licensing requirements: How to optimize your structure

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

4:15 pm—Registration
4:30 pm—Program Begins
6:00 pm—Cocktail Reception

Kaye Scholer
425 Park Avenue, 19th Floor
New York, NY

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