European Compliance Update

September 9, 2014

The first installment of our new European Compliance Update webinars covers everything business managers and in-house counsel need to know about key developments and the impact of regulatory compliance in the Life Sciences industry.

Topics to be covered include:

Part I

A. Introduction

  • Focusing on the hot topics and the challenges that Life Sciences companies are currently facing to keep up with the increasingly demanding compliance requirements.
  • Commenting on the UK position on inter-face between SFO and ABPI rules.

B. Planning for Transparency under EFPIA

  • Cross-border inconsistencies (status of implementation, special cases: countries with "sunshine" laws, different definitions, language)
  • Key challenge: dealing with consent (privacy issues)
  • Disclosure platforms
  • Planned sanctions
  • Criticisms to disclosure

Part II

  • Reducing Risk in HCP Sponsorships
  • Reviewing and Enhancing Third Party Relationships
  • Enforcement Update - Investigation in Pharma companies
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