What U.S. Entities and Individuals Need to Know About U.S. Trade Sanctions Including Those on Cuba, Russia, and Iran

April 22, 2015
Arnold & Porter LLP, Washington, DC

President Obama recently announced a loosening of the Cuba sanctions. The President did not announce the lifting of all  sanctions, nor could he, given that many of them are embedded in legislation rather than regulation or Executive Order. Meanwhile, the US and EU has imposed an array of particularly complex economic sanctions in the Ukraine's Crimea region. And at the same time, the U.S. and its partners are converging on a deal with Iran regarding its nuclear program. This  deal could result in the removal of sanctions over time - but it could also trigger new U.S. sanctions legislation. But what does all of this really mean for multinationals or exporters interested in (or currently) doing business in these countries  US companies and anyone doing business in these regions (or with Russia or Iran generally) need to be aware of the impacts these sanctions have and how one should operate in the global marketplace  This program will provide an overview of these sanctions, explain how they work, and how they differ from prior sanction regimes  The program will also cover the US Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)'s intensified enforcement efforts and how companies can and should develop an effective compliance program.

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