Association of Corporate Counsel National Capital Region 2015 Advanced Contracts Conference - The Art of Contract Drafting

May 19, 2015
McLean, VA

Collaborating on the Development and Commercialization of New Products -- Key Contractual Considerations and Pitfalls

Successfully developing and bringing innovative new products to market often involves partnering with other companies, including potential competitors, on critical development initiatives. Valuable and confidential technologies are shared and created and significant financial and other resources are invested in these kinds of arrangements. Well-designed collaboration agreements can help lay the foundation for successful partnerships, but poorly structured collaboration agreements are fraught with legal and business risks. This segment will focus on key contractual considerations in structuring alliance agreements, such as allocating responsibilities and risks, incentivizing and monitoring performance, protecting IP and data rights, managing confidentiality, governance and dispute resolution, go-no-go decisions, rights to walk away, and continuing rights. 

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