May The Board Be With You — How To Address "C Suite" Relationships And Governance Issues

March 1, 2016
Washington, DC

Hosted by the Association of Corporate Counsel’s National Capital Region Non-Profits and Associations Forum

This interactive program will focus on thorny executive relationship and governance issues and practical advice on how to manage them and address implications for legal liability, fiduciary duties and organizational compliance. Our panelists will discuss topics such as: 

  • Are organizations paying enough attention to how they choose Board members?
  • Is the full Board engaged or run by a few insiders?
  • Tips for executive searches and transitions. 
  • What to do when you don't have a process or policy that addresses your dilemma.
  • Minimizing organizati  onal risk of a dominating CEO.

The second part of the program will involve hypothetical case studies for participants to work through to determine the best course of action.

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Meet the Speakers

James P. Joseph
Arnold & Porter
Bridget M. Weiss
Arnold & Porter
Andras Kosaras
Arnold & Porter
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