Maier Establishes Maryland's First Military Commanders Muster

March 13, 2016
Maryland Emergency Management Agency’s Emergency Operations Center Reisterstown Maryland

Washington DC-based National Security partner, US Army North’s Emergency Preparedness Office for Maryland and US Army Reserves Colonel Mark Maier envisioned, co-created and participated in the first-of-its-kind Military Commanders Muster. The muster determined key legal and operational requirements, set goals and identified issues needing further resolution for the military to improve support to civilian authorities in Maryland. This is part of the Department of Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA) program, which saves lives and reduces damage in response to terrorist attacks, natural disasters and civil unrest.

Participants included Major General (MG) and Maryland Adjutant General Linda Singh, MG and the 200th Military Police Commanding General Phillip Churn, MG and Task Force 51 Commanding General Brian Harris, Colonel and FEMA Region III Defense Coordinating Officer Bret Van Camp, as well as federal, state and local senior national and homeland security leaders from civilian government agencies, each active duty, reserves and national guard military component and each military service, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.

This highly successful event established new relationships, discussed capabilities and facilitated collaboration leading to better unity of effort in training and execution of future exercise and events. The conference was held on March 13, 2016, at the Maryland Emergency Management Agency’s Emergency Operations Center in Reisterstown, Maryland and is being followed up with detailed implementation engagements, regional training and senior executive level meetings.

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