Bernstein Speaks at PLI’s 2016 Commercial Real Estate Financing Seminar

April 18, 2016 - April 27, 2016
1177 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10036

Real Estate partner Warren Bernstein spoke on the “Construction Loans” panel at PLI’s Commercial Real Estate Financing seminar on April 18-19 in New York City. The panel discussed troublesome closing requirements, negotiation battlegrounds, how disbursements work and where the problems lie, completion guaranties and measure of liability, and high-volatility commercial real estate loans.

Bernstein’s segment covered:

  • The state of the commercial mortgage financing market
  • Ground leases as collateral, for both landlords and tenants
  • New rules on “High Volatility Commercial Real Estate Loans“
  • Why you may want to skip delivering or accepting an SNDA (Chicago only)
  • Title insurance coverage and endorsements in multi-state, multi-property transactions
  • Title coinsurance and reinsurance
  • How completion guaranties work
  • Lessons learned on nonrecourse carve-outs and single-purpose entity covenants
  • Environmental law 101 for real estate lawyers
  • How to prevent malpractice in loan closings
  • Best practices for UCC filings
  • Learning to live with the rating agencies and how to solve problems

PLI’s two-day seminar brought together commercial real estate attorneys, executives, in-house counsel, investment bankers, asset managers and acquisition managers to learn about a broad range of topics, include capital stack structuring vehicles; interest rate hedging for borrowers and lenders; issues relating to leasehold mortgage financing; legal opinion negotiations; and elements of the closing process such as non-disturbance and subordination agreements (SNDAs); and crowd funding, among others.

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