Fundamentals of FCC Regulatory Law 101

June 27, 2016
San Francisco, CA

Aimed at providing a primer to professionals who have limited or no experience working with the FCC on regulatory matters, the workshop provided a basic overview of FCC regulations for the more in-depth discussions that took place throughout the conference. Topics addressed during the workshop will set the stage for the main conference by helping you thoroughly comprehend the structure of the FCC. 

  • FCC mission
  • FCC organization and structure
    • Understanding the distinctions among the various FCC bureaus and offices
  • Acronyms and terminology
  • Types of proceedings
    • Rulemaking
    • Licensing
    • Enforcement and other adjudications
  • Conduct of proceedings
    • Pleading cycles
    • The ex parte process
    • Best practices for communicating with the commissioners
  • Navigating the FCC databases and making filings electronically
  • Commission review of transactions involving FCC licenses commissioners
  • Determining when a matter is brought before the Administrative Law Judge
  • Examining the various and evolving roles of other federal agencies with overlapping or adjacent jurisdiction
    • Department of Justice
    • Federal Trade Commission
    • Food and Drug Administration
    • Federal Aviation Administration
    • National Telecommunications & Information Administration
  • Interplay with state public utility commissions
  • Introduction to select issues in communications law
  • Exploring best practices for responding to public complaints and coordinating with the FCC on responses

Meet the Speakers

Peter J. Schildkraut
Arnold & Porter
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