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Cross-Border Issues With International Supply Chains and Manufacturing

November 20, 2019
Arnold & Porter Webinar

International supply chains and global manufacturing provide crucial benefits to keep food & beverage companies as competitive as possible. Proper preparation for the risks associated with those business activities is key to limiting the costs and likelihood of government investigations, private litigation, and adverse publicity. This webinar is designed to educate food & beverage in-house counsel and business personnel on how effectively to anticipate issues and perform necessary due diligence in a manner that limits legal and regulatory risks. Our attorneys discuss the latest matters and trends in cross-border issues affecting the food & beverage sector.


This webinar examines recent enforcement and litigation trends of importance to the food & beverage sector, including:

  • Anti-Corruption Laws and Enforcement
  • Third-Party Risks
  • Specific Due Diligence Concerns and Procedures for Whole Business/Product Acquisitions

Meet the Speakers

John N. Nassikas
Arnold & Porter