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UK Employment Law: New Rules When Engaging Independent Contractors

March 25, 2021
Arnold & Porter Webinar

If your UK business engages independent contractors, then this latest webinar from Arnold & Porter is a must-attend event. Led by employment law partner Henry Clinton-Davis, it looks at the new IR35 rules that may require you to payroll your contractors and a host of other key issues.

This one-hour webinar is aimed at HR professionals, in-house counsel and senior executives with labour and employment responsibilities.


  • IR35: New UK rules from 6 April 2021, including traps for the unwary when engaging contractors who provide their services through limited companies.
  • Are our independent contractors truly self-employed or could they claim to be employees or workers—and what's the difference?
  • New duties to complete "status determination statements"—what does that mean and what do we have to do?
  • Will we now have to payroll all our contractors?
  • What if we engage contractors in the UK but don’t have a UK company?
  • What if we only have a small subsidiary in the UK—do the rules apply to us?
  • How does the UK Supreme Court's recent Uber decision change how we classify our staff?

Meet the Speakers

Henry Clinton-Davis
Arnold & Porter