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ESG Investigations Series: Internal Investigations and Risk Management

Wednesday, June 28, 2023
Arnold & Porter Webinar

ESG has quickly surged to the top of corporate agendas due to the potential impact on business from numerous perspectives including legally, financially, operationally, and reputationally. The increased attention on ESG risks is also leading to an increase in investigations and claims by a large range of stakeholders.

Our third program in the ESG Investigations series focuses on internal investigations related to ESG issues. Because ESG can mean different things to different people, and because the law is still evolving in this area, these internal investigations cross a wide variety of topics, from climate policies to diversity and social issues, such as workplace harassment.

Internal investigations may arise in a variety of contexts, whether through whistleblower complaints, government civil or criminal inquiries, compliance reviews, or in response to potential litigation.

In this webinar, we will discuss the basic components and best practices of an internal ESG investigation, what types of claims may attract government or other scrutiny, as well as potential liabilities and disclosure obligations.

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  • SEC Investigations and Disclosure Obligations

Meet the Speakers

Brian D. Israel
Arnold & Porter
Christian D. H. Schultz
Arnold & Porter
Sasha Zheng
Senior Associate
Arnold & Porter