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Out of Many, One: Unifying Approaches to Diverse State Privacy Laws

November 7, 2023
Arnold & Porter Webinar

Are you perplexed, concerned, or curious about the rapidly developing state privacy law landscape in the United States? Twelve states have enacted broadly applicable privacy laws in the past five years, most in just the past 12 months, and at least four other states have privacy bills pending, not to mention two state laws focused on health data.

Please join members of Arnold & Porter's Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Data Strategy team for an Election Day discussion of the top challenges facing organizations under these laws and their implementing regulations. We will provide an overview of the common elements and key differences among these, including who is subject to the laws and with respect to what information. You will learn what elections organizations and individuals can make under these laws, and where they have no vote.

Our discussion will focus on practical strategies for handling these (and scaling for new) privacy laws. Among the issues to consider are:

  • How should consumer requests be handled? What about verifying the requestor's identity and when can requests be denied?
  • Requirements for consumer consent. When must consent be obtained and how? Opt in or opt out?
  • What special restrictions apply with respect to health, biometrics, or other "sensitive" personal information?
  • Should a uniform or state-by-state approach be taken?

Attendees will be encouraged to raise questions and will receive a handy chart after the webinar as a take-away on key elements of the existing laws.

Meet the Speakers

Alex Altman
Senior Associate
Arnold & Porter
Emily A. Dorner
Senior Associate
Arnold & Porter
Jason T. Raylesberg
Senior Associate
Arnold & Porter
Nancy L. Perkins
Arnold & Porter