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Ambassador Shannon Shares Thoughts on Recent Honduras-Beijing Relations

October 6, 2023

Senior International Policy Advisor and former U.S. Ambassador Thomas A. Shannon, Jr., was featured in The Washington Post article, “As China arrives with a splash in Honduras, the U.S. wrings its hands.” The article discusses the recent establishment of diplomatic relations between Honduras and Beijing, which the Biden Administration and U.S. military officials view as potentially ominous for its own relationship with Honduras.

Shannon told The Washington Post that instead of focusing on semantics, the U.S. should focus on asking several questions when assessing its relationship with Honduras. “If I’m the U.S. government looking at Honduras, I don’t care what they say,” he said. “What I care about is, does the joint task force get to operate? Do we get to fly at will out of the air base, get to launch our [Drug Enforcement Administration] reconnaissance aircraft, work with Honduras on air and sea intercepts?”

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