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Marotta Talks New Biosecure Act Draft, Which Features 2032 Grandfather Clause

May 20, 2024

Legislative & Public Policy managing director Marne Marotta was quoted in the Endpoints News article, “New Biosecure draft features 2032 grandfather clause, five-year grace period for added companies,” which discusses an updated draft of the Biosecure Act, proposed bipartisan legislation that aims to prohibit certain Chinese biopharmaceutical companies from operating in U.S. markets due to perceived national security concerns. The updated draft, introduced by Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio), has the potential to include foreign entities from additional countries and includes a clause allowing existing contracts with “companies of concern” to continue to apply until 2032. The updated draft also requires the government to review the list of companies of concern at least once a year and notes that if new companies are added, contracts with these companies would have to end within five years.

Marotta told Endpoints News the 2032 clause was likely revised in order to appease the four committees involved with the legislation. “They are trying to find some kind of grandfathering provision and sunsetting provision that all of the committee leadership would be comfortable with,” she said.

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