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U.S.-China Trade Tensions “Could Last Awhile,” Reade Tells MarketWatch

May 17, 2024

International Trade senior counsel Claire Reade was quoted in the MarketWatch article, “The Global Trade War Just Got Worse. It’s Bad for China and Everyone Else,” which discusses the Biden Administration’s recent announcement that it would raise tariffs on $18 billion of Chinese imports. The Biden Administration noted that China’s control of the production of critical inputs in sectors such as energy, technology, and healthcare has led to a surge in exports, which threaten U.S. businesses and therefore warrant the tariffs.

Reade told MarketWatch that trade tensions between the two countries could last awhile. “It’s going to be restrictions by a thousand cuts. The question: Is everyone going to remain conscious of the fact that they don’t want to cut so deeply that they are fundamentally wounding their economy?”

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