“Valukas Smoothes Way to Legal Action,” Financial Times

March 13, 2010

Peter Haveles, Co-Chair of the Complex Commercial Litigation Department, is quoted in the article “Valukas Smoothes Way to Legal Action,” which appeared in the Financial Times on March 13, 2010.  The article discusses the report on Lehman Brothers failure compiled by Anton Valukas.  Mr. Haveles comments on the evidence collected by the report and its possible use by the SEC and the Justice Department.  “Because of the experts the examiner hired and their work, the SEC and the justice department can analyse what the evidence shows or proves rather than cope with the burden of simply collecting the evidence – often the hardest task in a case of this size,” said Mr. Haveles.  “This will help them to make a concrete determination whether there were false and misleading statements about Lehman’s financial condition and whether or who they should charge, either on a civil or criminal basis.”

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