Adam Golodner Suggests General Counsel Get Involved in Cybersecurity Rulemaking in Corporate Counsel

As seen in Corporate Counsel’s “Get the GC Plugged In to Cybersecurity”

August 13, 2014

Corporate Counsel reports that in light of recent major cybersecurity breaches, such as the data hacking by a Russian gang and the theft of customers' data from Target Corp., more countries are attempting to create rules to deal with cybersecurity and data policy. These rules will affect future business, so general counsel should try to “engage in those discussions now,” according to Kaye Scholer Partner Adam Golodner, Head of the firm’s Global Cybersecurity & Privacy Group.

Golodner noted that cybersecurity has become a key issue for boards and executives as well as general counsel, pointing out that “We’ve seen significant change over the past three years where it has matured to a top-level risk management issue.” Proposed network and information security legislation in the European Union will likely become the cybersecurity standards for all companies. However, Golodner said that before those rules become final, there is still time for international corporations to be involved in deciding what those rules will entail.

“At end of day you have to find a way to do business with different regulatory schemes in different countries,” Golodner said. “Helping to form the playing field is an important thing to do today.”

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