Arnold & Porter Attorney Receives New York Law Journal's 'Lawyers Who Lead by Example' and Lifetime Achievement Awards

October 16, 2014

NEW YORK, October 16, 2014 -- Arnold & Porter’s Peter Zimroth recently received the New York Law Journal’s recognition as one of the city’s “Lawyers Who Lead By Example” for “providing free legal services” to those in need and exhibiting a special devotion to “improving the courts, the laws or the profession.”  In addition, Mr. Zimroth received the newspaper’s “Lifetime Achievement Award.” 

In a published profile, the New York Law Journal noted that Mr. Zimroth’s impact on the Big Apple was illustrated early on when, as corporation counsel to Mayor Ed Koch, he helped reform campaign finance regulation, thereby helping to open the electoral process to a “broader spectrum of people.”  His civil-rights advocacy, the newspaper said, also has had a particularly significant impact on New Yorkers. As the city’s Corporation Counsel, for example, Mr. Zimroth filed a brief to the New York State Court of Appeals that led to the inclusion of same-sex couples to the state's legal definition of a family, and sued the federal government to claim the census disproportionately undercounted—and underserved—New York's minorities.  Upon entering private practice, Mr. Zimroth also successfully convinced the U.S. Supreme Court in a closely-watched case to rule that women could no longer be barred from membership in New York City's private clubs.  Currently, Mr. Zimroth is leading a pro bono case in an attempt to overturn a New Jersey zoning law preventing a Muslim congregation from building a mosque.

“To me, social justice is justice,” Mr. Zimroth was quoted as saying during a recent awards event.  “Why else would anyone want to be a lawyer, if justice was not at the center of their being?”

The publication observed that while “police accountability has become a trendy talking point, it's been on Zimroth's radar for his entire career.”  In addition to representing Detective David Durk, who joined whistleblower Frank Serpico in testifying on New York City police corruption to the Knapp Commission in the early 1970s, it was noted, Mr. Zimroth was called upon last year by U.S. District Judge Shira Scheindlin to monitor the NYPD's controversial "stop-and-frisk" policy.

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