London Talks California’s Uber Ruling with Bloomberg: Business of Law

June 18, 2015

Chicago-based Partner, Jeffrey London was quoted in “California Rules Uber Drivers Are Employees” a Bloomberg: Business of Law article about the recent California labor commissioner's ruling that Uber Technologies Inc. drivers must be treated as employees and the potential repercussions throughout the on-demand economy.

On labor standards London said, "It's like a Venn diagram, where 90 percent of the provisions overlap."

London also discusses how in Illinois, where he practices law, the state uses a three-part test, and under those rules, a driver is likely to be considered an employee as well.

With respect to the rising uncertainty and previous assumptions, London went on to say that "If enough states say that drivers or other on-demand workers are employees, not independent contractors, you will likely have to reassess whether you need to remodel your business."

Read the Bloomberg: Business of Law Article (with subscription access). 

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