Kate Schumacher Emphasizes the Value of Summer Associate Programs in Law360

July 24, 2015

New York Litigation Partner Kate Schumacher was quoted in Law360 on what law firms could potentially lose by getting rid of their summer associate programs. Schumacher first discussed the valuable skill sets summer associates possess, in particular researching and writing, and how these skills are of crucial importance to a trial team.

"They are researching and writing on a daily basis and looking at case history every day," Schumacher told Law360. "Those are skills they've that's a benefit that we see right off the bat, particularly in trial work."

Schumacher also noted how summer associate programs provide service to the legal community and access to potential candidates.

"The biggest downside to not having a summer program is that you lose your footprint at the law school campuses and I think it would be detrimental to your branding efforts," she said.

"Recruiting a summer class is your point of first access to the law students and it's their first point of access to the firm."

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