Mike Solow Featured in Bloomberg's Big Law Business Four-Part Video Series

August 6, 2015

Bloomberg BNA’s Big Law Business featured managing partner Mike Solow in a four-part video series that ran from July 13 through August 5. In the series, Mike discusses multiple aspects of effectively and efficiently running a 21st century law firm, including law firm real estate and administrative infrastructure, the market for talent, management styles, and structuring compensation to recognize increasingly different attorney goals and lifestyles.

July 13: “New NYC Office Brings Advantages, Says Kaye Scholer Co-Chair”

July 16: “Kaye Scholer’s MP on Challenges of the Lateral Market” 

July 24: “Kaye Scholer MP’s Run-In with Prof. Kingsfield”

August 5: “Kaye Scholer MP on Competing with ‘Superrich’ Law Firms”

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