Arbisser Featured in The Recorder
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September 7, 2016

Arbisser Featured in The Recorder and Law360 on the California Supreme Court’s Precedent Setting Plavix Ruling


Aton Arbisser, head of Kaye Scholer’s Los Angeles Litigation department, spoke to both The Recorder and Law360 regarding the California Supreme Court’s recent ruling that both local and out-of-state residents can sue drugmaker Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. in California state courts over claims that the blood thinning medication Plavix, seriously harmed or killed patients.

"It's a multidimensional chess match, and this is defining the chess board and making sure California is still a place where plaintiffs' lawyers can at least consider filing a mass tort," Arbisser said to The Recorder in “Calif. Justices, in Split Decision, Clear Path for Mass Torts.”

The split ruling opens the door to nationwide product liability cases in California post SCOTUS’ ruling three years ago, which placed new restrictions on when courts may declare jurisdiction over a company that is headquartered outside of the state.

In Law360’s feature piece on the ruling, “Plavix Ruling Cements Calif. As Center for Mass Torts,” Arbisser stated, “This ruling is an effort to make clear that drawing in the bounds of general jurisdiction isn’t going to get the nonresidents out [of the case].”

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