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Bellinger to Co-Chair ALI’s Restatement of the Law Fourth Completion Project

January 23, 2023

The American Law Institute (ALI) announced on January 19 that Arnold & Porter Global Law and Public Policy co-chair John Bellinger will co-chair the ALI’s project to complete the remainder of Restatement of the Law Fourth, The Foreign Relations Law of the United States.

The Fourth Restatement is intended to distill legal developments in foreign relations law in the United States since the publication in 1986 of the Third Restatement, which is among the most influential of all of the ALI’s Restatements and has been cited by thousands of federal and state court decisions. In 2018, the ALI published the first three sections of the Fourth Restatement, covering treaties, jurisdiction, and sovereign immunity.

The final sections of the Fourth Restatement are expected to cover the sources of international law; constitutional aspects of international law; non-treaty international agreements; immunity other than sovereign immunity; and other subjects.