July 12, 2010

VIDEOCAST PPACA and Healthcare Reform Statutes Fraud and Abuse Provisions Impact On Providers

Arnold & Porter Webcast

The Healthcare Reform Legislation passed earlier this year has historical significance for its expansion of access to health insurance coverage to more than 35 million Americans who have not had health insurance in the past.  Implementation of the provisions of this legislation will have a profound effect on how the insurance industry and employee health care programs are operated.  At the same time, however, this legislation, like virtually all health care legislation enacted over the past 25 years, includes a number of provisions designed to strengthen the ability of the enforcement community to pursue and impose sanctions on those whose conduct violates the law.  This Videocast follows an earlier one that provided the highlights of the fraud and abuse provisions affecting the drug and device industries. This Videocast focuses on the provider community and addresses 10 new fraud and abuse provisions in the new legislation to which  providers should be sensitive.

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