May 26, 2011

Private Client Services Newsletter (Spring 2011)
- Keys to Building a Successful Banking Relationship
- Negotiating Small Business Loan Guaranties

Arnold & Porter Advisory

In this month's Private Client Services newsletter we invited Steve Heitel, the President and CEO of Presidio Bank, to share his thoughts on what it takes to build a successful banking relationship. In his article, he provides his top tips on selecting a bank and banker, as well as his thoughts on managing your banking relationship.

Click here to read Steve's article "Keys to Building a Successful Banking Relationship"

The second article in this month's newsletter is written by one of our real estate attorneys, Ken Neale, who discusses guaranties and their use in small business loans.

Click here to read Ken's article "Negotiating Small Business Loan Guaranties"

Thomas A. Larsen
Director, Private Client Services Group

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