November 20, 2014

Emerging Trends in Litigation: 7 Steps for Managing SEC Whistleblower Risk

Summary: 2014 was a banner year for the SEC’s whistleblower program, with more awards doled out this fiscal year than in the previous two years combined and the largest payout to date. Behind the headlines, though, the reality is that most whistleblowers turn to alternative sounding boards when the right people in their companies aren’t listening to them, or when they perceive adverse employment actions aimed their way.

In the following article of interest for in-house counsel involved in labor & employment issues or  litigation and corporate investigations, we take a look at how effectively coordinated proactive programs and emerging strategies can significantly reduce or mitigate the possibility that your company will be subject to negative publicity—or become a statistic in next year’s SEC whistleblower report.

This article originally appeared in Corporate Counsel on November 19, 2014.

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