Autumn 2015

A Lender’s Guide to Funding Projects with Historic Tax Credits

Real Estate counsel Lance Levine has published “A Lender’s Guide to Funding Projects with Historic Tax Credits” in the Autumn issue of CRE Finance World, the biannual publication of CRE Finance Council.

The primer provides lenders with an introductory understanding of Historic Tax Credits (HTC), a lucrative but complex program for developers and tax investors since its 1976 inception, which is now returning to favor after the 2008 financial crisis.

Lance notes that new set of IRS guidelines applicable to HTC projects issued at the beginning of 2014 has set the groundwork for such projects to flourish again. “The lender that understands the intricacies of HTCs will have a clear advantage in an arena that promises attractive opportunities in the coming years,” he writes in the introduction.

» Read Lance’s article in CRE Finance World (subscription required).

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