June 8, 2016

PLI Publishes Newest Edition of Kaye Scholer’s Pharma/Biotech Treatise

PLI published the eighth edition of Kaye Scholer’s well-received and highly referenced Pharmaceutical and Biotech Patent Law treatise. Intellectual Property partners David Barr and Daniel Reisner serve as co-authors and co-editors for this edition.

The treatise was considered a “home run” when first published in 2008 and is still viewed as “a great addition to the library of any legal or business practitioner in the field, as well as for any government office…”

The eighth edition features:

  • how to craft problem-free patent applications, including how to partner with the government to bring patented inventions quickly to the marketplace;
  • invalidate competitors’ patents by proving that they fail to meet key requirements;
  • protect against various forms of patent infringement; and
  • successfully rebut charges that your clients are infringers.

The guide also includes detailed checklists that help resolve thorny patent problems in the complex pharmaceutical and biotech fields and is regularly updated to reflect Federal Circuit rulings and other significant court decisions.

“With over 25 years’ experience, it’s no surprise [Kaye Scholer] hit such a home run,” Washington University law professor F. Scott Kieff, wrote about the first edition in the New York Law Journal. “The book is clear, easy to read, thorough, thoughtful, and practical . . . and represents a team effort by the members of one of the leading patent litigation groups in the field of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical devices.” 

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