August 1, 2016

FCC's Connect2Health Task Force Unveiling Broadband Health Mapping Tool

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The Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) Connect2Health Task Force is launching a new mapping tool that it states will support efforts to chart the intersection of broadband and healthcare. The FCC intends for the tool to support more efficient, data-driven decision-making by enabling users to ask and answer questions about broadband and health at the county and census block levels. For example, a pilot map of Virginia released by the Task Force in April 2015 overlays the state with data sets such as population distribution, physician distribution, county population per primary care provider, online access to health information, most-common download speed, and obesity prevalence. By offering a nationwide tool, the FCC expects to assist policymakers, industry leaders, health technology innovators, consumer advocates, clinicians, rural health organizations, county and city health officials, and others to leverage technology for addressing health needs. For more information on the launch of the new mapping tool, read the FCC's public notice.

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