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Transactions, Mergers & Acquisitions, Bankruptcy

The breadth and depth of our experience in steering transactions through the regulatory approval process at the federal, local, and international levels allow us to provide the sophisticated analyses and effective representation telecommunications, media, and Internet deals require and avoid costly pitfalls. We handle large, complex matters that demand novel solutions and work efficiently on smaller scale transactions as well. We find and manage teams including outside experts-economists, engineers and political experts-where needed.

We played a lead role in every transaction undertaken by AT&T (formerly SBC) since the passage of the 1996 Telecommunications Act. In these large projects, we prepared the FCC regulatory approval papers, which included the major Public Interest Statements and myriad other pleadings needed to gain FCC approval for the mergers. In this regard, we advised the client on framing the regulatory issues, developed supporting arguments, and prepared responses and rebuttals to the many opposing parties. We worked with teams of other lawyers and economists to help gain DOJ and state approvals as well. Globally, in the Cingular/AT&T Wireless, SBC/AT&T, and AT&T/BellSouth transactions, we secured all the necessary regulatory and competition approvals and prepared all the requisite governmental notifications-coordinating the work of local counsel in various countries as appropriate. We were responsible for obtaining local approvals for cable television franchise transfers that were involved in the Ameritech and BellSouth mergers. We also assisted with due diligence across the many areas of our experience.

For other clients, we have assisted with the purchase and sale of radio and television stations; worked closely with entrepreneurs, helping them to establish companies and to buy companies and technologies; and helped acquire communications assets out of bankruptcy.