Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Corporate Governance

Our firm's Corporate Governance practice advises corporate boards, special committees, and individual officers and directors regarding their fiduciary duties in situations involving financial distress, insolvency, restructuring, or bankruptcy. These situations often involve competing interests, difficult decisions, and stakeholder demands that are impossible to reconcile. The law surrounding the duties of officers and directors of a financially distressed or insolvent company is evolving, and it is important to have counsel who are up to speed on the most recent developments. We help our clients navigate these complex situations so that they are able to follow appropriate procedures, comply with their duties, maximize value for stakeholders, and at the same time protect their own interests. Situations involving financial distress or bankruptcy sometimes result in litigation against officers and directors, as aggressive creditors, trustees, and committees second-guess judgments that were made, seek leverage, and look for every possible source of recovery. We are experienced at defending these claims, and we have a track record of success in doing so.


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