Bankruptcy and Restructuring


We have substantial experience in representing the interests of clients impacted by the intersection of environmental law and bankruptcy law and have been involved in some of the most prominent cases in this area. We have represented both debtors and creditors in this regard, and have addressed a broad array of issues, such as the scope of the automatic stay and bankruptcy discharge in relation to environmental claims, as well as the liquidation and estimation of complex environmental claims in the bankruptcy context. Our work in this area benefits from the fact that we have attorneys who practice in both the environmental and bankruptcy areas. Moreover, we can, as necessary, access the extensive resources of our nationally recognized environmental practice.


G-1 Holdings, Inc. G-1 Holdings Chapter 11 case

Acted as special environmental counsel for G-1 Holdings in their Chapter 11 case in connection with claims filed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and State of Vermont.

Quebecor World (USA) Inc. (now Quad/Graphics, Inc.) Chapter 11 reorganization of Quebecor

Addressed a wide range of federal and state environmental liabilities of the Quebecor debtors, including multiple liabilities under the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act.

Safety-Kleen Chapter 11 case

Acted as special environmental counsel for the company.

Creditors of General Motors General Motors bankruptcy

Advised multiple creditors with environmental interests impacted by the General Motors bankruptcy.

Asarco creditor ASARCO Chapter 11 case

Represented client in the ASARCO Chapter 11 case.


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