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Cross-Border Employment

Many of our clients are international businesses that look to us not only for advice in the US or the UK, but across borders. We regularly coordinate projects involving multiple countries, such as rolling out policies in different jurisdictions, managing international redundancy or restructuring programs, or assisting with employment contracts in countries where they are planning a launch. We also provide business immigration advice to clients sending key staff to the UK and can access our extensive network of contacts to provide similar advice in other countries. Further, international businesses have to be aware of data protection issues. Frequently human resources data from companies in different countries will be housed on a database outside Europe, typically in the US. The transfer of that data is regulated in Europe and we are frequently asked to design programs that will enable these transfers to take place in compliance with local law. Data protection policies, notices, EU Data Transfer Agreements and advice on registering with the safe harbor program of the US Department of Commerce all come within the scope of our practice.