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Education & Workforce Policy

Our team is substantive, innovative and results-oriented when advising and advocating for clients. We have a keen understanding of how our clients operate, which informs personalized—and, at times, out-of-the-box—strategies to achieve a client's policy goals. Our team's diverse policy experience spans from cradle to career, representing universities, community colleges, nonprofit organizations, foundations, associations and coalitions, and education technologies. Success for our clients in this space has led to team recognition in Chambers USA, and individual recognition in The Hill's annual list of "Top Hired Guns." Our team is committed to representing clients from concept to completion, including on legislative and regulatory matters. In the 116th Congress, we achieved successes for clients in the areas of federal funding, policymaking, oversight, and profile building.

Experience Highlights

  • Advocating for the creation of a stabilization fund to support the early care and learning industry affected by the COVID-19 national emergency.

  • Advocating for securing education technology as an eligible use under the Education Stabilization Fund to support students, school districts, and institutions of higher education transitioning to online instruction in response to COVID-19.

  • Advising a client participating in a public-private partnership with the US Department of Agriculture to provide one million meals a week to students in rural schools affected by school closures due to COVID-19.

  • Advocating successfully for multiple clients to include various financial aid priorities in the House Higher Education Act reauthorization package, such as: (1) a one-time Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) proposal, (2) the removal of origination fees, (3) preservation of undergraduate loan subsidies, (4) applicability of remaining Pell Grant eligibility for graduate education, (5) simplification of repayment plans, and (6) increased funding for the Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grant and campus child care programs.

  • Advising clients on the US Department of Education’s regulatory actions and rulemakings on accreditation, competency-based education, distance learning, Title IX, borrower defense, and foreign gift reporting.

  • Engaging congressional offices to have the Department of Homeland Security reverse its action that affected the enrollment of international students at an institution of higher education.

  • Guiding clients on responding to Congressional inquiries about student borrowers and student data privacy.

  • Preparing witnesses to testify before the House Education and Labor Committee and Small Business Committee on the implementation of innovative and accelerated learning through partnerships between K-12 schools and institutions of higher education and the impact of student loans on medical professional small business owners.

  • Helping raise the profile of a university president, by securing a key role for the president to participate in a higher education leaders meeting with federal law enforcement to discuss national security issues and the threat of foreign espionage on university campuses.

  • Consulting on a company’s educational equity campaign, including organizing a launch event at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Annual Legislative Conference.

Key Contacts

Amy Budner Smith
Amy Budner Smith
Policy Advisor*
Washington, D.C.
+1 202.942.6810
Amy Davenport
Amy Davenport
Policy Advisor*
Washington, D.C.
+1 202.942.6813
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