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Colleges, Universities, and Other Nonprofits

Our Real Estate attorneys:

  • Represent public and private colleges and universities, private educational institutions, research organizations, federal government agencies, state and local governments and quasi-governmental agencies, foreign missions and embassies, professional and trade associations, labor unions, arts organizations, and charitable organizations.
  • Work on acquisition, disposition, development, financing, leasing, and build-to-suits of all types of real property for such nonprofit clients.
  • Understand the unique financial and funding situations, time horizons, programmatic imperatives, and risk sensitivities frequently inherent in real estate matters involving nonprofit clients.
  • Counsel on unrelated business income tax (UBIT) issues that often arise when tax-exempt organizations are involved in real estate transactions.
  • Structure multi-phase development and disposition transactions, often involving long-term ground leases that enable clients like colleges and universities to realize revenue from underutilized assets.
  • Navigate applicable regulatory and political issues; for example, working with the Office of Foreign Missions on foreign embassy and chancery transactions and working within the local political constraints of quasi-governmental clients.