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Consumer Protection, Privacy, Telemarketing

We helped shape the changing requirements relating to consumer protection, identity theft, privacy, and telemarketing. We have assisted clients in understanding and addressing billing disputes, "slamming" and "cramming," "phishing" and "pretexting," protection of customer records and information, including customer proprietary network information (CPNI), and limitations on marketing contacts with both prospective and established customers. We have also helped clients respond to investigations and enforcement actions, defend litigation (including class actions), and create the legal frameworks for them to operate their businesses efficiently and responsively while complying with often burdensome and difficult limitations in this area.

Our team is especially well equipped to facilitate our clients' ability to navigate the differing privacy protection regimes in the US and the European Union. Our European privacy lawyers regularly advise companies on compliance with their EU obligations, and they frequently team with our US privacy lawyers to enable companies to develop and implement data protection regimes that meet both US and European requirements.

Whether for service providers adapting their recordkeeping and online systems; marketers developing methods to communicate with customers or prospective customers via phone, fax or email; or Internet-based businesses facing data privacy and security issues in a variety of industries, we understand the business, the technology, and the legal environment. We work with a client's business, systems, marketing, and other professionals to devise effective methods to meet company needs as well as legal and marketplace requirements.


Leading provider of continuing education Regulatory advice

Advise client on laws and regulations governing telemarketing, faxing, and email communications with customers, at the U.S. federal level, in individual U.S. states, and in Canada.

Leading provider of continuing education Telemarketing, CAN-SPAM, and fax litigation

Represented client in responding to threatened litigation and government inquiries under the CAN-SPAM Act, the Junk Fax Prevention Act, and other US telemarketing laws and regulations.

Large company Counseling on new devices

Advised client with respect to the testing, authorization, import, labeling, and sale of new devices.

Leading provider of continuing education Telemarketing regulations

Filed comments in rulemaking proceedings developing and amending telemarketing regulations.


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