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Equipment Authorizations, Enforcement

The FCC has authority over any equipment that emits radio waves (or "radiates"), whether intentionally or unintentionally, or that may cause interference to such equipment or to those who provide licensed services, such as broadcasting, DBS, and wireless telecommunications services. We assist manufacturers, importers, retailers, and others in understanding the FCC's requirements, in developing the proper testing, recordkeeping, product labeling, and other procedures and in bringing products to market, whether on a licensed or unlicensed basis. We work with the firm's international trade and consumer product safety teams and others to provide clients with a clear and complete understanding of their obligations and their options.

For companies facing Notices of Apparent Liability, Notices of Violation, Citations, or other unwelcome news, whether related to equipment authorizations, consumer protections, or other statutes or rules, we can assist with understanding the legal environment, documenting a case, and, if necessary, negotiating a solution. For companies facing harmful interference to their products, we help find practical, timely, and efficient solutions, through regulatory action and negotiation.