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Litigation: Trial, Appellate, Agency Enforcement

Litigation is an integral part of our practice. Our representations have spanned the multiple businesses that make up the telecommunications, Internet, and media industries, including telecommunications carriers, Internet companies, cable operators, multichannel video programming distributors, broadcasters, and content providers. We have significant experience in the US, Europe, and Canada with a diverse array of litigation matters, including trial court and arbitration work; appellate litigation; and administrative litigation and enforcement work before the FCC, other US federal agencies, and state and local bodies. To meet the challenges of a diverse docket of litigation matters, we collaborate closely with the firm's litigation practice group when additional resources are needed. Much of our broad litigation experience involves cases with significant policy implications, including cases involving the First Amendment, cable franchising disputes, access to public rights of way, resale of telecommunications services, disputes with distributors, consumer protection matters, class actions, and various other issues. In addition, we counsel clients to limit the risks of litigation, including potential exposure under the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, as well as US export control and trade sanctions regimes.