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May 8, 2024

Capital Snapshot: A Monthly Overview of the Issues, Events, Timelines, and Polling Data Driving Federal Policy Decisions


Our Legislative & Public Policy team is pleased to provide the May 2024 edition of “Capital Snapshot,” a monthly summary of the issues, events, and timelines driving federal policy and political decisions. This month, we provide updates on recent significant developments in Congress, including a “Motion to Vacate” that has been filed against House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), and the status of House seat vacancies and both recent and upcoming related special elections. Additionally, we share updates on developments, outlook, and priorities across a variety of public policy and legislative areas, including (1) the FY24 national security supplemental package; (2) the FY25 appropriations process and House Appropriations Committee leadership changes; (3) NDAA and Department of Defense; (4) tax; (5) financial services; (6) artificial intelligence; (7) data privacy; (8) education; (9) energy and environment; (10) FAA reauthorization; (11) the 2024 Farm Bill; (12) health care; and (13) California politics and policy. We also provide an overview of the state of play for the 2024 general election, both presidential and congressional. Furthermore, we assess what trends, current events, and factors could impact the upcoming political and legislative landscape.

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