An Advanced Seminar on the Subprime Crises: Dealing with the Fallout

October 1, 2007

Scope and Purpose:
This advanced course is designed for professionals in the banking, insurance and securities industries, as well as for commercial, securities and business lawyers. The course will cover the current state of the market, what can be anticipated, and strategies to address the far-reaching implications of the subprime crisis. 

An understanding of securitization and financial markets will be presumed. 

Why Attend?
Delinquencies and defaults in subprime and alternative loan products are significantly impacting the US housing market with broad ranging ripple effects on the global economy. The industry is under fire.  Federal banking and enforcement agencies are actively investigating lending practices and approaches to asset valuation. Early litigations are underway, and the number of lawsuits will only grow as delinquencies and defaults continue to rise. This program is designed to address the issues that already exist and to anticipate what is coming down the road.

Join a leading panel of financial experts and seasoned regulatory and litigation counsel for just two hours in the convenience of your own office to learn:

  1. How We Got Here and the Implications for the Global Economy: A Reporter’s Perspective
  2. The Collateral: Valuation Techniques and Preventing Further Collapse
  3. The Regulatory Landscape: Current and Expected Federal Regulation, Oversight, and Intervention
  4. What’s on the Horizon: Expected Lawsuits, Further Enforcement Activity, Strategies and Defenses

Meet the Speakers

Veronica E. Callahan
Arnold & Porter
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