Bankruptcy 2007: Views from the Bench

October 5, 2007
Hart Auditorium Georgetown University Law Center
Washington, DC

ABI and The Georgetown University Law Center for Bankruptcy 2007: Views from the Bench and earn 7.0 CLE Credits, Including 1.0 hour Ethics. Timely topics include:

  • Distressed Debt and Related Issues: Disclosure of purchase price; rights offerings; make-whole provisions; pension, health and medical claims.
  • Trade Creditor Issues: Reclamation, Critical Vendors, Section 503(b)(9) Administrative Expenses and How the Interests of Trade Creditors may be Affected by Increased Tranching of Debt and the Rise of Nontraditional Bankruptcy Participants.
  • Sales and Executory Contracts: Bidding procedures; use of findings (a.k.a. "how the 'whereas' clauses define the deal"); carve-outs; sales free and clear of successor liability claims.
  • Early Case Motions: First-day orders; KERPs; critical vendors.
  • Inter-debtor and Inter-creditor Issues: Inter-company claims; substantive consolidation; conflicts; settlement and dispute-resolution techniques; role of ad hoc committees.
  • Ethics: Disclosure & disinterestedness; carve-outs; disgorgement of professional fees; and the Rules of Professional Conduct.
  • Confirmation and Plan Issues: "Gift" plans and carve-outs; rights offerings; subordination provisions; disguised substantive consolidation; § 1123 settlements in the plan; voting issues; motions to designate.

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Michael L. Bernstein
Arnold & Porter
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