Lori Leskin Co-Chaired 2007 ABA Pharmaceutical Regional CLE Workshop

November 14, 2007

Lori B. Leskin, partner in the Product Liability group, was Program Co-Chair and served as a moderator for one of the panels at the 2007 ABA Pharmaceutical Regional CLE Workshop titled "Current Issues in Pharmaceutical Law and Policy" on November 14, 2007.

Topics included:

  • Investigative Ethics 2007: What, Where, How, When and Who Should Investigate Personal Injury Claims?
  • Valuing Settlement: How Much Is It Worth?
  • Understanding the Science Behind Your Case: A Primer on Pharmacology for Litigators
  • State Court MDLs: Federal Court Isn't the Only Game in Town
  • Creative Theories in Pharmaceutical Litigation: Beyond Failure to Warn

Kaye Scholer was a sponsor of the program, which was held at Hoffman-La Roche Inc in Nutley, New Jersey.

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