Estimating Damages in Securities Litigation Including subprime mortgage-related litigation and the impact of Dura

May 5, 2008
The Harvard Club
Main Clubhouse
Boston, Massachusetts

Liability analysis in the context of securities lawsuits and related regulatory investigations and proceedings is obviously important. Equally important, however, but often overlooked are issues relating to damages, particularly in non-traditional contexts. Trial lawyers must be aware of and question the key assumptions underlying any economic model used by the testifying expert to calculate such damages. Many questions confront today's securities litigators, including:

What can a defendant do to seek to break the causal link between challenged conduct and losses incurred? How has the Dura pharmaceuticals case changed the landscape? What novel damages theories are the courts permitting? What damages issues arise in the context of subprime mortgage-related litigation? What are the best practices for implementing and defending against damage estimation methodology? What impact can an SEC settlement have on the assessment of damages in related civil litigation?

This seminar will provide you with the essential tools needed to answer these and other questions.

Meet the Speakers

Veronica E. Callahan
Arnold & Porter
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