Banking Law Update 2009: Shaping the Future of the Financial Services System

December 9, 2009
New York, NY

Why You Should Attend

One year after the global financial system experienced its greatest crisis since the Great Depression, the U.S. Congress and Administration have begun the process of fundamentally transforming the operations and oversight of the financial system.  The scope of these reforms is larger than any considered in decades, and will affect every segment of the financial services system.  At the same time, federal involvement in the financial system, from TARP funding and compliance rules to FDIC resolution of failing banks, continues to grow.  At the Banking Law Update our expert faculty will provide you with important insight into the transformational changes that have been implemented or are being considered by Congress and the regulators and how these will reshape the financial system as well as a comprehensive update on Federal government involvement in the financial system.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the Federal Government's plans for industry and regulatory reform
  • Review the intricacies of the FDIC's regulation process and key issues for bidders, including private capital investors
  • Survey the changing M&A environment for the financial services industry
  • Identify the latest regulatory and prosecutorial enforcement initiatives

Who Should Attend

This program will provide important context for those seeking to understand the financial crisis as well as an update on the fundament regulatory and legislative changes that are reshaping our financial system. Senior executives, legal and compliance staff, investment bankers, outside counsel, others involved with domestic and international financial institutions, and individuals seeking a better understanding of banking law will benefit from this program.

Practising Law Institute CLE Program Banking Law Update

Meet the Speakers

Richard M. Alexander
Arnold & Porter
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