WEBCAST: CFPA, AFS, FIRA: Regulatory Reform Alphabet Soup--Making Sense of the Systemic Risk and Financial Regulatory Reform Legislative Proposals from the Obama Administration and Congress

December 17, 2009

The past several weeks have seen the US Senate and House of Representatives each take the legislative proposals regarding systemic risk and financial regulatory agency reform proposed by the Administration and put its own spin on the subjects in introducing legislation. Debate on the proposals continues. The Senate and House bills differ significantly from each other, and within each house, the parties are far apart on how to resolve certain important issues. Added to this mix are the regulatory agencies pressing to retain or expand their current jurisdiction. In this roundtable, our panelists will explain how the Administration, House and Senate bills compare in these important areas and discuss chances, and timing, for passage. Among the areas we will cover are:

  • How the bills address systemic risk regulation (including resolution authority)
  • How the bills propose to reorganize bank supervision among regulatory agencies
  • How the bills propose to consolidate consumer protection regulatory authority in one agency
  • Which regulators and industries win and lose under these proposals, and why
  • The current status of the bills in each house, who are the movers and shakers in getting them to their respective floors for a vote, and what really has been going on behind the scenes
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